How to set enable ZipArchive on your server (WHM)

If you’re using WHM, you can enable ZipArchive in WHM by doing the following:

  1. Log in to WHM
  2. In the search bar (top left), type in “Apache”. You will notice an item called “EasyApache”. You could have version 3 or 4 listed. I used Version 3 for this tutorial. Click on EasyApache
  3. There will be a ** DEFAULT ** profile displayed. Click the gear icon on the right
  4. Do not change any settings on the first page that appears, simply click on “Next Step”
  5. Again, simply click on “Next step” and do not change the PHP version
  6. Click on the “Exhaustive Options List” button at the bottom of the next page
  7. Scroll to the bottom of that list and enable the “Zip” checkbox
  8. Click on “Save and build”. Follow the prompts thereafter.This will take about 5 minutes.¬†On the last prompt, click “Close” and you should be good to go!