Google Drive Implementation

In order to link Nifty Backups to your Google Drive account, you will need to follow these steps in order to acquire your Google Drive Client ID and Secret Token:
Step 1: Create a Google Drive Project on Google API Console
– Go to and log in with your Google account details.
– Click on “Drive API”
– Click the blue “Create project” button at the top right of your screen.
– Name the project what you like, click “Create”. Be patient, this could take a minute.
– Once created, click the “Enable” link towards the top of the page to enable the API
Step 2: Create OAuth Crednetials
– Click on “Credentials” on the left (if you haven’t created a project it will ask you to create on now)
– Click on “Create credentials” (blue button) and then select “OAuth client ID
– Click on “Configure consent screen
– Create a “Product name shown to users” (can be anything, it will just be for your reference), then click “Save
– Click on “Web application” for the application type

– Under “Authorized JavaScript origins” you need to put your domain name, example:

– Under “Authorized redirect URIs” you need to put:
Then click “Create
Step 3: Add your Client ID and client secret to Nifty Backups
– Copy and paste your Client ID and client secret to the Nifty Backups – Offsite Storage settings page.
– Click on “Get authorization” within the Nifty Backups setup page
– You will be taken to another screen, click “Connect now
– You may still get an error page, please be patient as Google API may take up to 5 minutes to put your API credentials live. Keep retrying until the link has been successfully created.
– Upon successful linking, you should see “Google Drive Authorization Saved” on the Offsite Storage settings page.


If you need help, please contact us and we will respond as soon as possible!